Privacy Policy

Chapter 1: Privacy Policy

Section 1: Using Data collection and Personal information

  1. BitoPro collects the personal information provided by users for the purpose of trading and using the services on this website and for meeting the requirements of this website for compliance with regulations, business, finance, taxation, operation or risk management (including but not limited to self or team marketing, statistical investigation and analysis, internal control, management and verification, etc.). This information may include, but is not limited to, identity information such as names, identity card numbers, identity cards, home addresses, emails, bank account numbers, credit card numbers, and the like. Account information, such as user account and password. Personal identification of copies of information, including your government agencies issued documents, passports, ID cards or driver's license.
  2. When a user uses the BitoPro service, the company will automatically receive and record the server value on the user's browser, including but not limited to the IP address, the data in the website cookie, and the user's request to access the BitoPro web page or participation in the site activity’s web record.
  3. Duration: Collecting personal data for a duration of a specific purpose, the expiry date of the information deposited in accordance with the contract, or the expiry date (if longer than that prescribed by the law) of BitoPro, whichever has a longer duration.
  4. Region: Taiwan and any area where the following objects operate.
  5. Target: BitoPro; can assist with our third party commercial operation. Any person who wishes to obtain or transfer BitoPro any assets and liabilities, to bear the risk or to merge. BitoPro possesses the jurisdiction over any organization and to any competent authority, judicial authority or other government with jurisdiction over BitoPro.
  6. How to Use: To automate machinery or in any other non-automated manner.

Section 2: User Rights

  1. If the user refuses to provide personal information, BitoPro will not be able to perform the necessary review and processing, and can not provide you with the relevant services. BitoPro may refuse your application for the relevant transactions or services.
  2. The user has to enquire or request to review or copy your personal information.
  3. Users may require BitoPro to supplement or correct your personal information. When exercising this right, you should make a reasonable explanation in accordance with the law.
  4. The user has to ask BitoPro to stop collecting, processing or using, or deleting your profile. But if the information is necessary for the implementation of the relevant procedures, then BitoPro should be ignored in accordance with the law.
  5. BitoPro will revise the website policy from time to time. If you have any questions about the privacy statements on this website or related matters related to your personal information, you may contact us via our customer service system.