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Aimed at providing the best trading experience

BitoPro Institutional Account is designated provide the best solutions for institutional trading and corperates, insuring that your funds are protected with us and can trade safely on our platform.

Secure & Reliable

We protect your funds with mulitple layers of security measures, under a segregated wallet design, it gives our clients the highest level of protection.

KYC Verification

We are compliant to the AML/CFT policies and procedures that has been issued by the Financial Supervisory Commision regarding KYC verification and other relative rules. With a rigourous KYC verification process in place, it safeguards both of our business reputations.

Transparent Compliance

Completed Tax Compliance Audit by accountants and praised by the National Taxation Bureau.

Diverse Financial Products

Providing you with various financial products, integrating cryptocurrencies for a more diverse portfolio.

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