Total Supply(BITO)


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Market Cap(TWD)

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Circulating Supply(BITO)


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BITO Status

BitoPro Token Allocation

Token Allocation

BITO Coin available sales volume is anticipated to be 500 million tokens, and such number is not subject to increase. The token allocation ratio is expected to be 35%, with an additional 25% reserved for subscription by renowned persons within the token sector, and the remaining 40% held by the founding members. The current supply volume is anticipated to be 175 million BITO Coins.
  • 40% Founding Team
  • 35% Token Launch
  • 25% Selective Trading by industry insiders
BitoPro Token Usage

Token Usage

Token launch proceeds are anticipated to be used for the development of the BitoPro International Digital Asset Exchange as follows:
  • 40% of the funding to be used for applications for authorizations and licenses in each country of operation for the BitoPro International Digital Asset Platform; brand promotion and international marketing; financial support of all transactional markets worldwide; ensure BitoPro achieves rapid market recognition; rapid attainment of transaction and client volume.
  • 25% of the funding to be used for maintenance and client services of the BitoPro International Digital Asset Exchange
  • 20% to be used for development of the BitoPro International Digital Asset Exchange, including technological development and employee incentives
  • 15% to be retained as reserves and other urgent needs


BITO Application scenario

BitoPro BITO Application scenario

Token Launch Participation

BITO Coin holder has the privilege to participate in the presale of any token launch promoted by BitoPro. Additional discount will be given when the BITO Coin is used.
BitoPro Token Launch Participation

TTCheck production and converted

TTCheck production and converted must be using BITO.When cryptocurrency is circulated, there are some problems such as transaction guarantee and information opacity. TTCheck expects to solve such problems for users as a new choice for new-style circulation transactions. In the future, BitoPro will establish an international site, TTCheck can be utilized as an integrated application and is the key of circulation to strength the globalization strategy of BitoPro.
Bitopro Token Marketing Subscription

Token Marketing Subscription

BitoPro’s token launches will, during their launch periods, enable those with BITO Coin to enjoy advance purchase rights for the cryptocurrencies being offered, and will provide discounts at the same time.
BitoPro Repurchase Plan

Repurchase Plan

After BitoPro is live, it is anticipated that each quarter, 20% of profits will be used to conduct Bito Coin repurchases. Repurchased BITO Coins will be destroyed—until 250 million BITO Coins have been repurchased. To ensure transparency, repurchase records will be made available as soon as practicable, and users may inspect the same via a blockchain browser.

Burn Transactions

Time Transaction ID Amount
2020/07/21 15:04:34 0x3da0ad238d3e38af02f32e114f41a492ada7ed189028b6bccc33ad91af0e5490 8,551,258.00000000
2020/04/21 18:53:33 0xf75c88c1dcbaea1bd9fa961e9acb4a5b7e6062b275160fd1fbbf8147568367bf 9,327,036.00000000
2020/01/16 11:57:45 0xd952a0d6ae37004a4d69c1517c16ad78c619f2d0f286b70ea83bde87d0693044 6,385,410.00000000
2019/10/08 15:00:15 0x17fcdc6d193e9c976ca3ff6c69be89d635d9bbbbd919451ee721d829097bade7 7,758,870.00000000
2019/07/29 16:35:03 0x03fe961ddbc7da7fc1cd6cad9df46145854b70c9d886a3610dafb8676cf5f294 4,314,699.50733879
2019/04/25 16:23:01 0xda66c1d6105a0205b531f3d809ec0ae209fdb43e5d995d233bbf13ca5d5b0112 1,000,000.00000000



BitoPro Tokens can only be purchased through the BitoPro Exchange
BitoPro Tokens can only be purchased through the BitoPro Exchange

Tokens can only be purchased through the BitoPro Exchange

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