About BitoPro


BitoPro is developed by BitoEX team, who started BitoEX in 2014 which provides cryptocurrency solutions such as digital wallet, business application, financial auditing and more.

BitoEX team is committed to lead digital currency industry, as BitoEX offers customers comprehensive services in excellent quality and unique branding. BitoEX is also expected to provide ease the process of entering digital currency for everyone.

In 2017, reacting to the increasing market demand, BitoEX team starts to plan and develope cryptocurrency exchange platform - BitoPro. We are looking forward to satisfy our customer by providing fast and economical trading services.


  • No. 1 market share wallet service in Taiwan
  • The fifth in volume in the world
  • The Top 10 APEC Payment Solution Companies 2017
  • Over 3000 convenience stores in Taiwan
  • More than 200,000 unique members


BitoPro is committed to expand business in digital currency industry and offers our customers the best quality of services. We had been partnered with FamilyMart, JOYSO, CoinGecko, Dow Jones, Mifengcha, BitUniverse and so on.

Partnering with BitoPro to seize the opportunity to grow your business. Mail to: support@bitopro.com

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