Debt Purchase Platform

Purchase Overview

BitoDebt USDT 7 Days (Annualized 8.5%)
300,000 USDT 300,000 USDT

Purchase Date: 11-26 15:00 to 11-29 14:59

Total Sale Amount: 3,000 Unit

Unit: 100 USDT

Interest Per Unit: 0.16301300 USDT

Fee: Interest 0.0% (Unit)

Interest Date: 2019-11-29 15:00:00

Expire Date: 2019-12-06 15:00:00 (7 Day)


Coming Soon!


  1. Must complete level 2 of KYC
  2. Some certain plans require BITO coin in possession to be able to purchase (Required amount of BITO varies across each plans)
  3. Fees will be calculated on the expire date, using the rate at that time being Discount (Use Bito to apply discount on fees)
  4. Repayment of principal and interests will be purchase on the expire date in crypto form. The whole process would take some time and if you have not received them in 3 hours, please contact customer service
  5. Interest calculation will only start at Interest Date
  6. Sale termination date depends on the completion fund required for one plan or based on the agreed expire date
  7. This event prohibits one user using multiple accounts to purchase, if found violating rules, we reserve the rights to take appropriate actions
  8. One who violates rules won't be granted any interest on the expire date
  9. Purchases couldn't be canceled