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  2. [Delisting Notice] BitoPro will delist QNTU

Dear Valued Customer :

Due to a short notice by the Quanta Team, they will be undergoing a QNTU=>QNTX Token Swap by May 1st, 2020. New QNTX tokens cannot be redeemed until September 1st, 2020 or thereafter. 

We have decided to delist all QNTU trading pairs by April 21st, 2020 . Withdraw and deposits will be closed by April 28th, 2020, please withdraw your QNTU to their official website and make the QNTU=>QNTX Token Swap before the date above. For more details, please see this link. ( https://swap.quantapay.io/index.html )

If you have not made any plans for your QNTU assets before April 28th, 2020, we will make the QNTU->QNTX Token Swap for you. Once the Quanta team has opened for withdrawal, we shall help our users redeem the new QNTX tokens through an application. For further details regarding the redeeming process and subsequent fees will be announced on our website, as soon as we open for withdrawal. 

Please take note that BitoPro only provides services for the QNTU->QNTX Token Swap, if the token price becomes subject to high volatility or the Quanta Team cannot provide withdrawal services accordingly or other force majeure, for the reasons not attributable to BitoPro, In the event that users suffer any losses, you shall not claim compensation. 

Thank you for your support. We shall continue to provide better services for our users.

BitoPro Service Team

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2020-04-20 19:40:00