1. Notice
  2. 【2020/01/07 System Maintenance & Wallet Address Update】

Dear Valued Customer:

We would like to notify our users that we are having planned maintenance and system upgrade on Jan 7th, 2020, from 7 AM to 10 AM (UTC+8). Our BitoPro services, APP, API will be temporarily suspended during the system maintenance. Your pending orders will continue on the website. If you are worried about market changes, you can cancel them in advance and we will reopen deposits and withdrawals once we deem the upgraded network to be stable.

After upgrading, your current wallet addresses will be updated including BTC、ETH、USDT、LTC、XRP、BCH、BITO、CGP、MITH、MODL、NPXS、PANDA、QNTU、RPC、TRX and your original wallet address will be out of service on Apr 7th, 2020. If you are going to receive payments with your original wallet address, remember to finish the transactions before it is out of service.

BitoPro will support TRX to upgrade the main chain, airdrop BTT and WINk and deposit and withdrawal service of TRX, BTT, WINk will be extended to open.

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BitoPro Service Team

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2019-12-31 12:05:07