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  2. 【BitoPro supports TRON main chain and Airdrops Program 】

Dear Valued Customer:

BitoPro will suspend TRON (TRX) related services at 7 AM (UTC + 8) on Jan 7th, 2020 (Tuesday). Maintenance is expected to take 7 working days. After the end, it will support TRX to upgrade the main chain, airdrop BTT and WINk and open deposit/withdrawal function. After the main chain switch, the TRX ERC-20 version recharge function is retained for 3 months, and it is actively converted to the main chain version for users to claim. The service will be terminated after Apr 7th, 2020. Please pay special attention to it.

The first airdrop of BTT and WINk will be snapshot based on the number of positions held by TRX on Jan 7th, 2020 (Tuesday) at 7AM (UTC+8). The distribution will be completed within 7 days according to the proportion. The distribution rule is BTT / WINk airdrop amount = BitoPro Get BTT / WINk quantity * The proportion of users holding TRX. If TRX is in the unaccounted or withdrawn status, it will not be included in the calculation. After the first airdrop, BitoPro will provide BTT and WINk wallet deposit / withdrawal services and continue to support subsequent monthly airdrops.

Click: BTT 以及 WINk to learn more!

BitoPro Service Team

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2019-12-31 12:03:02