Super Rewards

Invite your friends to claim BITO,
with multiple rewards waiting for
you to earn!

Phase 1

Super Referral Program (This program has ended.)

Phase 2

Holding Bonus (This program has ended.)

Phase 3

Referral Bonus

Refer now

Invite your friends to earn future return of transaction fees

Refer now

Super Referral Program Details

  1. The binding of accounts between the referrer and referee is relevant when calculating future return of transaction fees, so please take notice.
  2. Once the account is bound to a referrer, you cannot make any changes.
  3. Users who pass Level 1 verification, will get a referral ID and referral link.
  4. Throughout the duration of this event, if your friend uses your referral ID when signing up and passes Level 2 verification, both of you can claim 100 BITO. The amount of rewards may change depending on how the event goes on.
  5. Existing users registered before the “Super Referral Program” event may fill in a referral ID, but you will not receive the 100 BITO referral rewards mentioned in the event above.
  6. There is no limit on the amount of friends you may refer, but once you bind your account with someone, you may not make any changes.
  7. Referrers must sign up prior to the referee in order to be valid for this event.
  8. Referrer must sign up prior to the referee.
  9. Users who signed up before the “Super Referral Program”, if you are an existing Level 1 user, all you need to do is pass Level 2 verification before 2019.01.24 to earn 150 BITO. For existing Level 2 users, you will receive 150 BITO once the “Super Referral Program” begins.
  10. BitoPro withhold the rights to changes of the “Super Referral Program” If we find that you have made multiple repetitive accounts, fake accounts or any other illegal activities, you will be disqualified from this event.
  11. BitoPro withhold the final rights to the rules of the award distribution of the “Super Referral Program”