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Event Details

  1. Referrer and referee must complete Level 2 verification to participate in the Referral Bonus Program.
  2. Referrer's registration time must be earlier than the Referee.
  3. Invite your friends to register with your referral link and receive 30% bonuses levied from referee's transaction fees.
  4. Referrers can enjoy all referee bonuses for a 90 day duration ,starting from the day referees complete Level 2 verification.
  5. Referral Bonus Program will be effective starting from 2019/10/1. Transactions will be taken into account after that date. Referral Bonus = Completed Transactions * Transaction Fees * 30%.
  6. There is no limit to the amount of friends you can refer. Please note that once the Referral ID is bound, it cannot be changed.
  7. The Referral Bonus will be paid in the same token which the transaction was executed. Daily settlement time is 23:59:59, reward will be credited to your trading account the next day before 12 PM.
  8. Transaction fees paid in TWD are not taken into account in this program. If you use BITO to pay for transaction fees, your bonus will be credited in BITO.View more
  9. Bonuses will be credited only for completed orders, partially filled / pending orders will not be taken into account.
  10. To check your distributed bonuses, you can click "Asset" =》"History" =》"Deposit / Withdrawal".
  11. If the referee violates BitoPro's risk control rules, the referrer won't receive any rewards, and also referee's account will be locked up.
  12. BitoPro strictly prohibits illegal activities such as buying / selling accounts, using fake accounts, etc. BitoPro reserves the right to freeze your account and your participation in the Referral Bonus Program immediately, should you commit any of the above activities.
  13. BitoPro retain the right to adjust the rules of the event at any time and reserves all the rights of the final decision.